Factory floor horizontal power distribution

Bus ducts are often seen in the design drawings of many large factories and commercial complexes. Bus duct has the advantages of high current, easy to install, compact installation space, easy to take power, easy maintenance, etc., and has become a substitute for cable in more and more engineering applications.

Factory floor horizontal power distribution (1)

The above figure (rose red line for busbar) is a large workshop busbar system diagram, from the low-voltage distribution room in the low-voltage cabinet connected to the busbar, busbar and then the current will be transported to the various nodes of electricity, through the busbar pre-set plug box to take power.

Factory floor horizontal power distribution (2)

The above figure for the busbar system installation is complete, from the figure can be seen in this kind of large-scale building applications busbar system compact, beautiful, easy to use, has become the first choice of more and more customers.

Factory floor horizontal power distribution (3)

In this kind of large-scale factory or commercial center scenario, the busbar system usually consists of the following parts: ① busbar ② connector ③ plug-in box ④ mounting bracket ⑤ start box ⑥ transition copper row. Our technical engineers will list the configuration according to the specific conditions of your project, and our customer service will provide you with the latest daily quotation.

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Post time: Jan-02-2024